Looking for a cool way to wall mount your AV Component

What is LLUM?

- Do you want a more elegant, modern way to position your media streaming device, cable box, or game console next to your TV?  
- Do you have a wall-mounted TV and don’t know where to put your media device with it?  
- Do you want a smaller, more elegant furnishing solution than buying a whole media cabinet to go with your TV?

Llum is a shelf to help elegantly display the multimedia device that accompanies your TV (think cable boxes, game consoles, streaming media devices, projectors, etc).  Llum is made from transparent acrylic so it seamlessly blends into its surroundings and comes with a wire organizer tube to hide wires from your TV.

Llum is great for any wall where you have a TV – in your living room, office waiting room, retail space, kid’s bedroom, or kitchen.

Designed and built in California, Llum also comes with your choice of one of four laser-engraved designs that light up at night.  Using the excellent light-transfer properties of acrylic, the design comes to life when the LED light is plugged into the USB port of your media device on the Llum shelf.

It is easy to install, and works with over 40 multimedia devices ( see if your device fits llum )

The first Llum prototype was created in 2007 to solve a real problem - accommodating electronic equipment with a TV above a fireplace. No media cabinet or other setup would elegantly work in this case. As a result, the idea for llum was born. 

Try out a Llum today, we know that Llum can be the perfect shelving solution with your TV for your home or office.

Why Llum For Your Home or Office?

  • Elegantly display multimedia devices by your TV
  • Perfect by the TV anywhere in your home, office, store, or an odd space.
  • Move your TV and media device where you want it
  • Get rid of your clunky multimedia center
  • Add elegance to your surroundings 
  • Impress your friends with your favorite illuminated laser-engraved design!

What Comes with Llum?

  • The laser-engraved acrylic shelf 10" x 12" x 6"
  • A USB-powered LED light
  • 2 anchor nails to attach Llum to your wall
  • 2 feet of wire organizer (black or white) to help hide the wires that come from your TV and device


Aleksei Naumov

Inventor, CEO 

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