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Does Your Multimedia Device Work With llum?

Llum has been designed to fit many of today’s ultra-modern multimedia devices. But we want you to be ultra confident that your multimedia device will fit. So please check your device to make sure it will work with llum.

Having problems with installation?

Our installation instructions were developed to make sure you get your multimedia device positioned and installed as seamlessly as possible. Check our simple 1-2-3 of installation, to make sure it is installed right. Additionally, there are instructions on the back panel of the box you received with llum.

Searching for inspiration?

Wondering where you could place llum? Or perhaps how llum could be used in your life? We have created a list of scenarios where llum can be used. llum for office, llum for kids room, llum for living room or kitchen, most are there and we are adding more as we get feedback from our users. Check out our Showcase section for inspiration!

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