Made in USA

Our philosophy at llum is quite simple -- manufacture things locally and help people modernize their media center. We believe that simplicity in life leads to clarity in vision. We challenge you to "lighten your life" by supporting this American made product.

llum is fabricated in USA

We work closely with a craftsmen coop in San Diego, California to fabricate the llum. Their facilities at MakerPlace have the top of the line equipment necessary to laser cut and engrave each of llum’s four unique designs. After leaving MakerPlace, we bring the llum to our facilities in the heart of downtown San Diego to complete the fabrication, and send them out to you - our customer. 

llum's packaging is built in USA

The packaging for llum is not only American-made, but is designed with the environment in mind. It is shaped exactly to fit llum’s dimensions, wasting no space and requiring no extra packaging to get it to your door. The box is ready for the retail shelf and to be sent to your mailbox..We’ve even written the instructions on the outside of the box to make it easy for you to install, and save paper normally used for manuals and inserts. We guarantee our friendly package will put a smile on your face when it arrives! 

Designed in California to solve a real issue

The first llum prototype was created in 2007 to solve a real problem - accommodating electronic equipment with TV above the fireplace. No media cabinet or other setup would elegantly work in this case. As a result, the idea for llum was born. Extensive testing refined llum to what it is today, an ultra-modern illuminated shelf that fits a wide range of the latest multimedia devices. You can now create a harmony between TV and your media equipment, and feel the freedom to place them where you may not have been able to before.

Designed to be universal

After numerous iterations, and lengthy testing, llum was sized to be compatible with over 40 media streaming and media storage devices. Llum can hold up to 4 pounds of weight and fit equipment varying in footprint without much effort. Go ahead, check your device for compatibility

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