Get rid of clutter in your Home

LLUM | Installation

Step 1: Pick a Spot for your TV

Take a look at your space, and pick a spot for your TV. Unconstrained by the bulky furniture and odd spots, with llum you can finally dream big!


Step 2: Define an area for your multimedia device

Once you decide on a spot for your TV, define an area within 1-2 ft. of your set where you will install the llum next.


Step 3: Install llum


a. make holes

Hold llum to the wall and level it horizontally. Make two holes big enough for the two anchor nails. This may be as easy as using a screwdriver or drilling a hole.

b. insert anchor nails

Insert white anchornails through
the holes into the wall openings
you have just made. Once in, use
a screwdriver to drive the metal pins into place. Make sure the
pins are all the way in.

c. organize wires

Place your multimedia device
onto the shelf. Feed the wires connecting your device and TV
into the wire organizer tube and through the llum’s bottom hole
or in the direction of your TV set.

d. connect the light

Connect the light fixture into the USB outlet of your device. Twist the light to find the optimal angle for insertion into the light inlet. (shown by the arrow above)

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