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Please select from four designs currently offered in this collection. All designs come with 2 ft. of wire organizer (offered in white or black color), USB powered LED lighting fixture, and two anchor nails for seamless installation. In the event you need more than 2 ft. of wire organizer, please add it before clicking add to cart.

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What Comes with Llum?

  • Laser-engraved acrylic shelf 10" x 12" x 6"
  • USB-powered LED light
  • 2 anchor nails
  • 2 feet of wire organizer (black or white)

Why Llum For Your Home or Office?

  • Elegantly display multimedia devices by your TV
  • Move your TV and media device where you want it
  • Get rid of your clunky multimedia center
  • Add elegance to your surroundings
  • Perfect by the TV anywhere in your home, office, store, or an odd space.
  • Impress your friends with your favorite illuminated laser-engraved design!
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