March 25 2012 Sunday at 02:53 PM

How To Eliminate Clutter from Your Multimedia Center

Where on earth does that wire get plugged in? Where the heck am I supposed to put this device? How did my media center get so darn cluttered?!

Does that sound like a situation you’re all too familiar with? We were too, before the creation of llum, the shelf that lightens your life.

In Dwell magazine’s online tips section, their piece on “How to Edit Clutter,” recommends that most objects around the home “...should be concealed to avoid clutter, create a sense of calm, and allow for special objects to be displayed and celebrated.”

llum helps you to do just that. It is an ultra-modern illuminated shelf that allows you to clear away clutter, and to establish tranquility in the space around your TV’s multimedia center.

With a solution for almost any living space, llum gives you the flexibility, elegance and utility you’ve always been looking for with your multimedia devices.

You no longer have to limit yourself to jerry-rigging some awkward contraption below your TV ... or taking up a whole wall of your living room with an oversized cabinet ... or having an unsightly tangle of wires run across the wall. llum will organize your wires, free up your space, and position your multimedia device in an elegant and efficient way.

Imagine your multimedia center being clutter free. And imagine having that freedom provided by a single, elegant solution. For a limited time there are only four ultra-modern llum designs available ... each one ready to help you start the transition to a clutter free life today ... so hop on over to our products page and get your llum now!